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Your Own Italy offers you the opportunity to explore the most important and beautiful art in Florence. All our Florence Walking Tours are private tours for your group only, accompanied by an expert, licensed, English-speaking guide. See details below and contact us for additional information and customization.
Round framed painting of the Holy Family in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Your guide will pick you up at your accommodations and accompany you to the Piazza della Signoria where you will admire some of the iconic artworks of Florence including a copy of Michelangelo’s David and sculptures by Cellini and Giambologna. Your guide will describe the rise of the Medici, originally modest wool merchants, to prominence, tremendous wealth and influence. The tour will continue at the adjacent Uffizi Gallery built in 1560 for Cosimo I de'Medici to accommodate the offices of the Florentine magistrates, hence the name “uffizi,” or offices. Cosimo planned to display a series of...

Statue of Intertwined bodies at the Galleria dell 'Accademia in Florence

Your guide will pick you up at your accommodations and accompany you to the Accademia Gallery where you will marvel at the original sculpture of Davide by Michelangelo as well as his sculptures of St. Matthew and the Prisoners. The tour will continue in the nearby Museum dell’ Opera which contains sculptures from the Florence Cathedral, among which is Michelangelo’s Florence Pieta’ with a bearded figure assumed to be a self-portrait. The Museum also boasts the original panels of Ghiberti’s Baptistry doors, as well as Donatello's rare wooden sculpture of Mary Magdalene the Penitent, from 1453...