Rome Walking Tours
Food and Wine

Your Own Italy offers a range of culinary adventures and wine tours of Rome. You can learn to shop for and cook classic Italian dishes … indulge your palate … or stroll through the vineyards of Italy. Choose from below or contact us for a customized private walking tour.
Italian bruschetta and pasta dish served on outdoor table

This culinary experience includes shopping, immersing yourself in the art and pleasure of hands-on cooking techniques and learning something about Italian culture. You can experience the shopping component, where we'll explore local markets and visit a variety of different stores, just as one would do as an Italian. Stops may include an artisan butchery, fish market, cheese store, bakery, and fruit and vegetable market. We will then head to your home or a select kitchen, where we will prepare various dishes. This interactive cooking class is perfect for people who enjoy Italian cuisine, and...

Display of fruits at an open-air market in Rome

Italians think, talk, argue, and dream food! In this culinary tour of food shops and markets, your guide will describe the seasonal products on sale, explain their uses and preparation, and tell stories about the neighborhoods you visit. After this "taste of Rome," you will understand what locals look for when choosing food, wine, and restaurants, and will gain a basic understanding of Italy’s food culture that will equip you to make the most of your eating experiences throughout the rest of your trip.