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Will you be in Rome, Florence, Venice, Sorrento or Naples – with a free day? Your Own Italy will help make it a perfect day. We offer a range of tours focusing on history, art and culture as well as the possibility to develop a custom tour just for you.. Our Day Long Tours include private cars and drivers, English-speaking guides, and experiences designed to make our beautiful country Your Own Italy.

Palladian style villa along the Brenta Canal in Venice, Italy

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to explore a region that for most of its history was an independent republic and didn't become part of Italy until the second half of the nineteenth century. The Republic of Venice began life at the close of the Roman Empire as an outpost of refugees fleeing...

Looking up at mosaics of the octagonal interior of Basilica San Vitale

Before reaching Ravenna, your guide will show you Chioggia, an old fishing city with the canals and bridges of Venice but without its palaces and crowds. Moving back in time, you will tour Pomposa Abbey, an important Benedictine spiritual center near Ferrara begun in the late 800s in a simple...

Official Capulet balcony on building in Verona, called 'Juliet balcony'

Vicenza and Verona are small cities, but between them is archeological, architectural, and artistic evidence of just about every significant period in Italy's history. In Vicenza, the first stop on this tour, the emphasis is on the elegant and extremely influential work of sixteenth century...