Carmen, Your Own Italy's founder & President riding on a boat in Venice

Carmen, Your Own Italy’s founder & President

Blue & gold wine decanter and glasses from Murano Italy

Handcrafted glass from the island of Murano near Venice


Experience Italy’s heart and soul.

Your Own Italy is proud to offer unique, private tours of Rome… distinctive, premier vacations throughout Italy…and day excursions for tour ship travelers.

We provide expert guides with in-depth knowledge of the region and fluent English, creating distinctive tours for individuals and their traveling companions. We seek to create unforgettable vacations, with the customization that makes your trip unique. Our goal: to help you make Italy your own, with experiences that transform you.

Your Own Italy is private travel, perfected.

Your Own Italy is Tour company operating from Rome. We serve private travelers who want to be guided through their time in Italy, but do not want to be part of a group, permitting us to personally share the Italy we have come to know and love over our 30+ years of experience.

Here’s what we do:

We work with you to understand what areas of Italy you want to visit, where you want to stay, what you want to see, how busy your itinerary should be, and what your budget is in order to design a customized vacation.

Once the cities and areas to be visited are identified, the next step is to decide on accommodations. Many of our clients opt for 4-star boutique family-owned hotels in historic city centers, others prefer apartment accommodations with kitchens for a more live-like-a-local experience, and some clients prefer a mix-and-match approach. For the luxury traveler, we partner with the best 5-star hotels throughout Italy.

Next, we’ll plan the itinerary. Would you like a private tour every day? Every other day? Would you prefer a private driver or reserved train tickets on high-speed trains? What about hands-on cooking classes, wine tastings, shopping excursions? Perhaps a private boat tour around Capri? Whether it’s a “see as much as possible” itinerary or a more relaxed “explore some on our own” experience, the result is the same: stress-free travel where all the details are taken care of ahead of time.
When you arrive, a staff member will be assigned to you to follow through on your itinerary daily, taking care of all logistics, last-minute requests and questions or issues that may arise. So, although you are traveling independently, our 24/7 concierge staff is at your service!

Let us plan a vacation for you. Call or email us at +1 (202) 696 0193, Or fill in the form on this page.