Your Own Italy Private Tours

If you’re going to be in Rome, Florence, or Venice and find yourself with some free time, take a Your Own Italy walking tour and make the most of your stay! Our tours cover a wide range of interests, last 3-4 hours, including skip-the-line tickets and are led by English-speaking private guides, experts in their fields and regions. And should you not be tempted by anything on the list below, tell us what you would like to see! We’ll develop a custom tour to fit your exact specifications in no time at all.

City Tours

Colorful marble facade and dome of the Cathedral in Florence, Italy

Your guide will pick you up at your accommodations and accompany you on a walking tour of the main sites of this Renaissance city. The tour will begin at the Piazza della Repubblica with its Column of Abundance which marked the point where the Roman roads, the "cardus" and "decumanus maximi," met. At the cathedral complex in the Piazza del Duomo is the magnificent Gothic cathedral designed by Arnolfo di Cambio and inaugurated in 1436 when its first-of-its-kind dome designed by Fillippo...

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Artisans of Florence, Gold Jewlery in Florence, Italy

Discover the heart of Italian craftsmanship and the enduring legacy of Florentine artisans with Your Own Italy’s private tours. Florence, a city revered for its contributions to art and history, is also a sanctuary for traditional artisans whose workshops are imbued with the spirit of the Renaissance. This unique journey into “The Artisans of Florence” is designed to showcase the city’s rich heritage of craftsmanship, offering an intimate glimpse into the lives and techniques of its most skilled creators...

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Art and Museum Tours

Round framed painting of the Holy Family in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Your guide will pick you up at your accommodations and accompany you to the Piazza della Signoria where you will admire some of the iconic artworks of Florence including a copy of Michelangelo’s David and sculptures by Cellini and Giambologna. Your guide will describe the rise of the Medici, originally modest wool merchants, to prominence, tremendous wealth and influence. The tour will continue at the adjacent Uffizi Gallery built in 1560 for Cosimo I de'Medici to accommodate the offices of the...

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Statue of Intertwined bodies at the Galleria dell 'Accademia in Florence

Your guide will pick you up at your accommodations and accompany you to the Accademia Gallery where you will marvel at the original sculpture of Davide by Michelangelo as well as his sculptures of St. Matthew and the Prisoners. The tour will continue in the nearby Museum dell’ Opera which contains sculptures from the Florence Cathedral, among which is Michelangelo’s Florence Pieta’ with a bearded figure assumed to be a self-portrait. The Museum also boasts the original panels of Ghiberti’s...

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History Tours

Statues of Perseus and Lion at the Piazza della Signoria in Florence

The glory of the Medici family began in the first half of the fifteenth century under the leadership of Cosimo de' Medici. Despite being expelled from the city twice, the family returned each time more determined than before to leave legacies of their absolute power in the form of the visual image. The tour begins at the San Marco Monastery and Museum, housing the world's largest collection of the works of Fra Angelico, an early Renaissance painter whose talent Vasari described as "rare and...

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Boboli Gardens in Florence

Embark on a regal journey through the grandeur of Renaissance Florence with Your Own Italy’s exclusive tour of the Pitti Palace and its majestic Boboli Gardens. This personalized experience offers a deep dive into the opulence of the Medici family’s former residence, an enduring symbol of the wealth and power of Florence’s ruling dynasty. The tour seamlessly blends art, history, and nature, providing an unparalleled exploration of one of Florence’s most significant cultural treasures. ..

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Food and Wine

Fresh fruit and vegetables for sale at Florence's San Lorenzo Market

The San Lorenzo market is comprised of two separate markets, but your tour will concentrate on the Central Market ("mercato centrale"), a two-level indoor food market with fresh local produce on the ground floor and restaurants and gourmet shops upstairs. On the other side of town, the slightly smaller market of Sant' Ambrogio retains more of a local flavor. With both outdoor and indoor stalls, it is a colorful place to get a taste of Florentine life any time of year. At both markets, you will...

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Traditional Italian Cuisine

Embark on an exclusive culinary journey with “Cooking Experience with Laura Franceschetti,” presented by Your Own Italy. This unique opportunity invites you into the world of an acclaimed Italian chef, Laura Franceschetti, for an immersive cooking class that celebrates the rich traditions of Italian cuisine. Set in a cozy, professional kitchen or the intimate setting of a traditional Italian home, this experience is tailored to food enthusiasts eager to dive deep...

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Day Excursions

Bottles of wine in a basket from the Chianti Region of Italy

This delightful, relaxing tour begins when your driver-guide picks you up at your hotel in Florence and takes the picturesque roads through the world-famous Chianti region, lying between Florence and Siena and bordered on the east by the Chianti Mountains and the west by the Elsa River. This wine region boasts delightful vistas framing vine-covered rolling hills and ever-present cypresses, along with an unhurried pace of life and charming villages. You’ll visit the celebrated Machiavelli winery...

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Riomaggiore the first city of the Cinque Terre, Liguria Italy

Embark on a breathtaking journey to the Cinque Terre with Your Own Italy, where the charm of Italy’s famed coast is yours to explore on a meticulously planned day trip by train. Cinque Terre, a string of five centuries-old seaside villages on the rugged Italian Riviera, is known for its colorful houses, terraced cliffs, and crystal-clear waters. With Your Own Italy, you’ll discover these UNESCO World Heritage sites through a personalized experience that showcases the beauty, culture, and flavors of one of Italy’s most picturesque destinations...

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Exterior view of the Pisa Cathedral with the Leaning Tower to its right

Your private driver will pick you up at your accommodations and accompany you to Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa where you will meet your guide. You’ll visit the splendid Cathedral complex comprised of the Duomo, completed in 1092, the marble Baptistery, a majestic circular-plan Romanesque building completed in 1153, and the Leaning Tower - one of the most beautiful and famous bell towers in the world. With a reserved ticket, you can reach the top of the tower for a truly memorable experience. Your...

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Typical Tuscan Landscape

Immerse yourself in the heart of Tuscany with Your Own Italy’s “Day at Agriturismo Villa Mormoraia.” This exclusive experience offers you a serene escape to one of Tuscany’s most picturesque agriturismos, nestled amidst rolling hills, vineyards, and olive groves. Villa Mormoraia is renowned for its beautiful landscape, exceptional hospitality, and dedication to producing fine wines and olive oil. Spend a day relaxing in the tranquil surroundings, participating in wine and olive oil tastings, and savoring the flavors of authentic Tuscan cuisine...

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Evening view of tower and buildings at Palazzo Pubblico in Siena, Italy

Your private driver will pick you up at your accommodations and accompany you on a delightful day trip in the heart of Tuscany. You’ll meet your guide upon arrival in Siena and visit the Cathedral, completed in 1263 and among the most exquisite in Tuscany, flaunting a bold, ornate Romanesque style and housing an incredible inlaid marble mosaic floor crafted by more than 40 artists over a period of 200 years. On your way to the main square, Piazza del Campo, your guide will describe how Siena is...

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