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Privately tour Italy with your own driver & local guide. Experience Italy's art, history & culture with private Italy tours, authentic wine tastings, cooking & shopping like a local. Tour Italy, live like a local & make it your own.


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Rome's Colosseum illuminated against the evening sky, Italy tours

Roman Rhapsody

The Eternal City

Rome Experience the glory of ancient Rome, the treasures of the Baroque, and everything in between! You will enjoy private tours of the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel...

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Landscape view of famed Tuscan countryside

Tuscan Treasures

Rome, Florence and Tuscany

Tuscany A dash of Rome followed by private tours of Florence and its museums, including the Uffizi's unparalleled collection and Michelangelo's David at the Accademia...

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The three Faraglioni rocks of Capri jutting out from the sea

Amalfi Coast Adventure

Experience authentic Italy, unchanged, unaltered

Positano - Amalfi - Ravello Discover the gems of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello. Set sail on a romantic tour of Capri on your private boat with a bottle of prosecco...

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Sunset view of the majestic palaces & villas along the Grand Canal

The Eternal City and the City of Romance

Rome and Venice

Rome - Venice This vacation is your chance to make acquaintance with two of the world’s most memorable cities. You will discover ancient Rome, Christian Rome, and...

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Distant view of Florence Italy through the trees

Italy's Heart and Soul

Rome and Florence

Rome - Florence Here is the perfect tale of two cities: Italy's "art" and "soul." Rome, once the capital of the western world, remains the secular capital of Italy and...

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Overview of the bright blue sea from the Amalfi Coast

The Glory of Rome, the Gems of Amalfi

Rome and the Amalfi Coast

Rome - Amalfi Coast If you don't believe Italy runs the gamut of human endeavor, try this week-long adventure! It begins with the glory, pomp, and majesty of Rome,...

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View of the rooftops of Florence with its distinctive Cathedral dome

The Three Cities of Art

Rome, Florence and Venice

Rome - Florence - Venice If everyone weren't all talking Italian, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were in three different countries when you visit Rome, Florence,...

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Evening view of Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio Tower in Florence

The Eternal, the Spirit and the Art of Italy

Rome, Amalfi Coast and Florence

Rome - Amalfi Coast - Florence With English-speaking guides throughout your trip, you’ll start right in the middle, in Rome, where you’ll explore history, art,...

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Distance view of Florence from terrace of Forte di Belvedere

Italy's Heart, Soul and Riviera

Rome, Florence and the Cinque Terre

Rome - Florence - Cinque Terre Your family or small group will embark on the adventure of a lifetime, accompanied by English-speaking guides at every step, beginning...

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View of black sand beach with Positano rising in the background

The History, the Shore and the Romance of Italy

Rome, Amalfi Coast and Venice

Rome - Amalfi Coast - Venice If you are looking for maximum diversity in your Italian vacation, this 11-day trip is the one you want. With the history, religion, art...

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Overlooking Pepoli Castle near Trapani Italy

The Soul of Sicily

Palermo, Trapani, Agrigento, Syracuse, and Taormina

Palermo - Trapani - Agrigento - Syracuse - Taormina This tour of Sicily last almost two weeks and hits all the high spots. From Palermo, Sicily's largest city, to the...

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Ariel view of city of Syracuse Sicily

Sicily and the Amalfi Coast

Sorrento, Syracuse and Taormina

Sicily - Amalfi Coast This 10-night trip takes you to where the sun always shines! With three nights in Sorrento, three in Syracuse, and three in Taormina, you will...

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View of the terrace at Villa Rufolo, a jewel on the Amalfi Coast

The Culture and Antiquity of Southern Italy

Rome, Vieste, Gargano, Alberobello, Matera, Amalfi Coast, Capri and Naples

Rome - Vieste - Gargano Coastline - Alberobello - Matera - Amalfi Coast - Capri - Naples The south of Italy, "il Mezzogiorno," has long been under-visited by American...

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Summer view of Lake Como with mountains in the background

The Lakes and Villages of Northern Italy

Milan, Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, Verona and Venice

Milan - Lake Maggiore - Lake Como - Verona - Venice A trip to Northern Italy is a trip to one of Italy’s most beautiful and romantic regions. Milan, Italy's second-...

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Rooftop view of Florence, with Cathedral dome in the background

The Complete Italian Experience

Venice - Cinque Terre - Florence - Tuscany - Amalfi Coast - Rome

Venice - Cinque Terre - Florence - Tuscany - Amalfi Coast - Rome This is it: your Grand Tour of Italy. Seventeen days/sixteen nights touring the major regions of our...

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View of statue of Caesar Augustus with Roman Forum in the background

Design Your Own Italy Vacation

Make Italy Your Own

This is private travel, perfected. Your Own Italy is proud to offer unique, tailored vacations throughout Italy for couples, families, and friends. We seek to create...

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Italy Tours 2020

Private Italy Walking Tours
Colorful marble facade and dome of the Cathedral in Florence, Italy

Renaissance City Tour

Join us in Florence's main squares and through its lesser-traveled side streets on a journey through its illustrious past. Making our way through the Piazza della Signoria and its beautiful outdoor...

Evening view of tower and buildings at Palazzo Pubblico in Siena, Italy

Siena and San Gimignano

The cities of medieval Italy, of which Siena is an excellent example, come as a surprise to those accustomed to images of the Middles Ages that focus on somber Gothic cathedrals and nasty, plague-...

Looking at Ponte degli Scalzi and Venetian buildings

Cannaregio and the Jewish Ghetto

Cannaregio is the northernmost "sestiere," or neighborhood, of Venice. A pleasant, relatively tranquil part of the city that is off the main tourist track, it nevertheless hosts imposing palaces,...

Looking up at St. Peter's dome from the Vatican Courtyard

Vatican Tour

The art of the Vatican is among the most recognizable in the world, with masterpieces by Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo. While leading you through the museums, your guide will convey the...

Partial view of arched facade of Colosseum at dusk

The Colosseum and Roman Forum

At the Colosseum, one of the largest structures of the ancient world, Romans once gathered to watch gladiator games, animal contests, and even reenactments of sea battles. A massive stone...

Exterior view of the Pisa Cathedral with the Leaning Tower to its right

Pisa and Lucca

Your first stop on this private tour of medieval Tuscany will be the Piazza del Duomo in Pisa, also known as the Piazza dei Miracoli. The Duomo is a splendid eleventh century Romanesque cathedral...

Colorful buildings alongside a canal on the island of Burano in Venice

The Islands of Venice

Board our cruiser Bora to escape the crowds and explore the most famous Venetian islands: Murano, renowned for its glassblowing; tiny and picturesque Burano, famous for its multi-colored buildings...

Looking up at mosaic tiles in the apse of Basilica San Clemente in Rome

Roman Houses and San Clemente

The medieval Basilica of San Clemente, a Catholic church dedicated to Pope Clement I, is built atop a Romanesque church, which was built atop numerous ancient edifices, including a temple to the god...

Detail of face on plaster decoration at Roman Villa

Moments of Splendor

This walk will take you to one of two illustrious Roman noble residences, depending on opening hours and time of day: the Villa Farnesina or the Palazzo Spada. The Villa Farnesina, designed by...

Statues of Perseus and Lion at the Piazza della Signoria in Florence

The Medici Family Tour

No name has been as intimately associated with Florence for as long a time as Medici. The family began in the wool trade and rose in status through the ranks of banking, politics, and, finally,...

View of trees along the Appian Way in Rome

Catacombs and San Clemente

The Catacombs, a maze of quarries and tunnels, are ancient underground cemeteries that also provided refuge to Christian communities during the Roman persecution. They offer surprising insights into...

Coffee cup & cornetto in the Vatican Museum Courtyard in Rome

Vatican Art and Breakfast

Breakfast will be served outdoors in the Vatican's famous Pinecone Courtyard, when the Vatican Museums are still closed to the public. Following your meal, you will tour galleries of sculptures,...

Piazza San Marco filled with visitors, flanked by arches of loggia

Venice Full City Tour

A visit to Venice should begin, as this one does, with a walk around St. Mark’s Square and a visit to St. Mark’s Basilica. Decorated on the outside with Byzantine mosaic renditions of scenes from the...

Colorful marble decorating Il Duomo Cathedral with a view of Florence

Florence in a Day from Rome

Your driver will pick you up at your hotel and take you directly to Rome's train station to board the high-speed "Freccia Rossa" to Florence, where your tour guide will be waiting for you. Among the...

Statue of Intertwined bodies at the Galleria dell 'Accademia in Florence

Sculpture Tour

The tour begins at the Accademia Gallery with Michelangelo’s David (a copy of which is in its original position in the Piazza della Signoria), his St. Matthew, and his Prisoners (or Slaves). The...

Face of clock of San Giacometto Church at the Rialto Bridge in Venice

Venice Mini-Tour

This introduction to Venice begins with a walk around St. Mark’s Square, also known as the "marble salon" for its many cafés and meeting places, where you can admire the outside of St. Mark’s...

Exterior view of Galleria Borghese in Rome

Galleria Borghese

Commissions and acquisitions of masterpieces by Titian, Caravaggio, Raphael, and Bernini made the Borghese family the premier collectors of their day, and their former suburban palace turned private...

Michelangelo's La Pieta showing Mary holding Jesus' dead body

In the Footsteps of Michelangelo

Discover the Eternal City in the footsteps of Michelangelo the painter, the sculptor, and the architect. An expert guide will lead you through Rome to view the master's works in situ, and will...

Looking up at mosaics of the octagonal interior of Basilica San Vitale


Before reaching Ravenna, your guide will show you Chioggia, an old fishing city with the canals and bridges of Venice but without its palaces and crowds. Moving back in time, you will tour Pomposa...

Palladian style villa along the Brenta Canal in Venice, Italy

Town of Asolo and the Venetian Villas

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to explore a region that for most of its history was an independent republic and didn't become part of Italy until the second half of the nineteenth century. The...

Bird's eye view of St. Peter's Square in Rome

Basilicas of Rome

You will visit all four of the great patriarchal basilicas of Rome. The Basilica of St. John Lateran, the oldest and most important, has been set aside for use by the Pope as his own parish. The...

Clip of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck dancing in Roman Holiday

Rome Movie Tour

To Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Charlton Heston, Julia Roberts, and many others, Rome was a backdrop. The fantastic Trevi Fountain was immortalized by Federico Fellini in "La Dolce Vita," while the...

Round framed painting of the Holy Family in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence

The Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi complex was built in 1560 for Cosimo I de' Medici to accommodate the offices of the Florentine magistrates, hence the name “uffizi,” or offices. Cosimo planned to display a series of...

View from the water of Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy

The Ca’ Rezzonico Museum, Accademia Gallery, and Peggy Guggenheim Collection

The collections in these museums is among Venice's greatest and range from Byzantine and Gothic paintings through Renaissance masters to the art of the 21st century. The marble facade of the Ca’...

Face of Medusa with open mouth by Caravaggio

In the Footsteps of Caravaggio

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio lived in Rome from 1592 to 1606, and his bold, naturalistic style soon became the rage of art collectors of the day. The strong contrast of light and dark, good and...

Closeup view of fountain at Piazza Navona in Rome

Dolce Vita City Tour

It will be just you and your personal guide traveling back in time to ancient Rome. You will uncover the secrets locked in Bernini's work, toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain and ensure your return to...

Detail of multiple figures at the fountain in Piazza Navona, Rome

In the Footsteps of Bernini

Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) helped change the face of the Eternal City. His monumental projects, perfectly-shaped marble statues, and fountains full of fantasy and intricate detail created and...

Night view of narrow Roman street

Rome by Night

Rome is an entirely different place at night: it glows in the warmth of amber streetlights and shimmers with the golden flames of candles on cafe tables. The stones of ruins and bricks of piazzas...

Rows of amphitheater seats at Agrippa's Theatre, Ostia near Rome

Ostia Antica

The well-preserved ruins of ancient Ostia, including intact mosaics and an amphitheater that is still in use, offer much of what those of Pompeii offer, in a more accessible form to those based in...

Two story fountain of Neptune at Villa d'Este in Tivoli, Italy

The Roman Countryside Tour

Your full-day guided trip to Tivoli, a historic town lying east of Rome in the breathtaking Monte Tiburtini hills, begins at the Villa d’Este, a former Benedictine convent considered to be one of the...

Facade of Tempio Maggiore, Jewish Synagogue in Rome

Jewish Rome

Ancient Rome, like contemporary New York City, was a sprawling area of diverse people trying to live and do business together. They were Greek, North African, Sicilian . . . and Jewish, many of whom...

View of Punta della Dogana's art center jutting out into the water in Venice

The Punta della Dogana Museum, Grassi Palace and Peggy Guggenheim Collection

The city of Venice houses world-class art from the medieval period through the late 18th century. However, hidden within its labyrinth of alleys and canals there is also a rich contemporary art scene...

Official Capulet balcony on building in Verona, called 'Juliet balcony'

Vicenza and Verona

Vicenza and Verona are small cities, but between them is archeological, architectural, and artistic evidence of just about every significant period in Italy's history. In Vicenza, the first stop on...

Plaster figures decorating walls at ruins of Pompeii, Italy

Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius from Rome

If you must see Pompeii - and you must - but had not intended on venturing further south than Rome, let Your Own Italy handle the logistics. You will be driven in a private car directly from your...

Detail of table with cheese, fruits and wine in Italy

Private Food and Wine Tour

Discover some “osterie” in the historical center of Venice, a city famous not only for its beautiful buildings, picturesque canals, and narrow streets, but for its fantastic regional cuisine and...

Bottles of wine in a basket from the Chianti Region of Italy

San Gimignano and the Chianti Region

This delightful, relaxing tour begins when your driver-guide picks you up at your hotel in Florence and takes the picturesque roads through the world-famous Chianti region, lying between Florence and...

Looking up from the Courtyard of the Vatican Museum

Vatican Secret Rooms

After visiting the stunning Gallery of Tapestries, Gallery of Maps, and Raphael rooms, you will enter the magnificent helical Bramante Staircase, commissioned by Pope Julius II in 1512 and designed...

Fresh fruit and vegetables for sale at Florence's San Lorenzo Market

Food Markets and Tastings

Find out what it takes to make a real Florentine meal! The San Lorenzo market is comprised of two separate markets, but your tour will concentrate on the Central Market ("mercato centrale"), a two-...

Looking up at the Sistine Chapel in Rome

Vatican under the Stars

Stroll through the galleries of the Vatican museums after dark! On select Friday evenings you can enjoy ancient sculptures, iconic paintings, and centuries of history brought to life by your private...

Display of fruits at an open-air market in Rome

Morning Food Tour

Italians think, talk, argue, and dream food! In this culinary tour of food shops and markets, your guide will describe the seasonal products on sale, explain their uses and preparation, and tell...

Evening view of the Roman Forum

Imperial and Medieval Rome

Find out how a great empire falls and then reemerges in a different form on this tour of the "dark ages": the period between the demise of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Italian...

Plate of stuffed calamari in Frascati, Italy

Frascati Hill Town Cooking Experience

Frascati, one of the Castelli Romani, or Roman hill towns, lies near the ancient town of Tusculum, which probably predated Rome itself. Its natural beauty, ancient ruins, and imposing baroque villas...


Carmen Carbonell

Carmen Carbonell is founder and President of Your Own Italy. Carmen was born in the United States. Following college, she married an Italian and moved to Rome, where she raised 4 sons. She also developed a passionate love for Italy – its art, its architecture, its cities, its countryside, its culture and cuisines, and its people. Now, after nearly 30 years living in Italy, Carmen wants to share her love for Italy with American travelers who...

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December 20, 2019

Mantua: where noble patrons of the arts held sway for centuries

While a handful of cities dominate tourism in Italy — Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples and Venice are magnets for tourists — the real urban backbone of the country are its towns. Perhaps reflecting that Italy only became a unified country a century-and-a-half ago, these towns fiercely cultivate their...

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Our vacation to Italy was a total family event and the help we received from Carmen made it absolutely fabulous. My wife, her sisters, husband arrived in Rome and we were met and taken to our apartment (not a hotel - this was a family trip). Same for Venice and Florence (all were great and held the 7 of us easily). Over the next two days our daughters came for a total of 7 adults to guide. Travel between cities was via train which Carmen and her team had arranged and worked great. Each morning we were met by our guide and we visited the museums and other sites, learning about each, the history and the key things to see. The guides were great and having the tickets already purchased, to avoid lines gave us more time to see and do things. Afternoons generally were free for us to wander around - which we did. Some nights we ate in the apartment and others we went to restaurants (Florentine Steak is fabulous). One night we did a pairing (wine with food) and Carmen joined us (Rome) which was a pleasure and a super evening. Our daughters said that was one of the best parts of the trip. After our daughters left us in Florence to return to the US to go back to work, the rest of us went to Tuscany for a week in a villa. Carmen worked with us to help arrange a driver to help us get to and from the villa. At each turn we knew we had "Your Own Italy" ready to help us if needed and the service she provided was just outstanding. For someone looking to plan a family trip and is looking for help to make it easy, enjoyable and a lot of fun, I highly recommend they contract Carmen and bring her onto their team. It really makes a positive difference. Our highest recommendations for the services provided and the great trip our entire family had. Oct. 2, 2017

Regan R.

Washington, DC

Carmen was invaluable in helping plan our honeymoon to Italy across Florence, the Tuscan countryside, and Rome. The Uffizi tour in Florence and Vatican evening museum tour in Rome were amazing experiences. The friendly and knowledgeable guides she selected helped us get the most out of our visit in navigating and learning about such rich and dense environments. Most importantly, Carmen's help and feedback was based on our specific needs and goals which in our case varied depending on place and time, a huge advantage over other "one-size-fits-all" sources. She helped us find a perfect balance and variety from day-to-day while still maximizing our sight-seeing goals, and even helped with advice on different neighborhoods/towns and booking accommodations. Overall, I highly recommend reaching out to Carmen and taking advantage of her services for personalized assistance to help maximize whatever kind of trip you are planning. July 17, 2017

Jeffrey L.

San Francisco, CA

My husband and I had the most amazing trip to Italy and it was all because of Carmen's expertise and planning! Carmen took special note of our budget / traveling desires and coordinated every little detail of our trip so we could enjoy ourselves without worrying about where to go or how to get there. All of the private drivers, tour guides, cooking classes, boat trips and train rides were coordinated and in collaboration with one-another so that one segment to the next was seamless. If there was ever a question, we would text her and she would have an answer within minutes. Most of the time it was Carmen sending a note to us ahead of time to let us know of any delays / changes (such as rain in Capri!). For example, we were planning to go to Capri but due to rough seas Carmen sent us a note the night before and arranged a cooking class at the most beautiful family-owned farmhouse in Sorrento. It ended up being a key highlight to our trip! Simply amazing! It was the trip of a lifetime and we cannot wait to work with Carmen and Your Own Italy again! Oct 5, 2017

Annie O.

Haverton, PA

So we met Carmen at the Santa Clara Travel Show in 2017. We went ahead and booked a few tours with her. AMAZING!!! The guides that she booked for us were so knowledgeable and fun. She planned everything down to the last detail. She even met us at our hotel in Rome to walk us to where we were to meet our private bus driver. I have been to Italy 7 times and was so impressed that she she could still bring tears to my eyes with another amazing experience!! On behalf of the Taylor and Lee Family we will book and future trips with Carmen. She makes you realize why you love Italy �. It truly is the people that make the trip!! �Carmen!! June 24, 2017

Kathi T.

Santa Clara, CA

We had an amazing experience on our recent trip to Italy booked entirely through Your Own Italy! Carmen was so easy to work with and anticipated our needs and wishes. Our accommodations, located in the perfect location in each city, exceeded our expectations. Loved our guide in Florence, loved our villa in Chianti, loved it all!! Can't wait to go back - and wouldn't do it without Your Own Italy. A true partner.

Janet P.

Basking Ridge, NJ

My 20 year old daughter and her boyfriend travelled to Rome, Venice and Florence in January 2018 with Carmen’s help. She advised and booked all of their apartments, trains, and tours! Her team and her went above and beyond when their international airline (that the couple had booked themselves) lost some of their luggage. They helped track it down and made sure it was delivered to them on their travels! As a parent of young adults travelling overseas for the first time on their own, I can’t express how relieved I felt knowing that Carmen and her company were there and so helpful and attentive to every detail! Thank you! Jan 25, 2017

Joanne S.

Algonquin, IL

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Trip Advisor

Just returned from an incredible family trip to Italy with wife, children aged 22 and 19. Each of us had different expectations, different wishes of things to see and do. Carmen put it all together without a single glitch. From checking out flats, sorting out hotels, dinner reservations, tours, etc. Constant communication throughout the trip to ensure satisfaction, flexibility and adaptability along the way. Could not possibly be happier. Stress free travel. Can't wait to return! Highly, highly recommended!' June 6, 2017

Denis Z.

Chicago, IL.

I've traveled to Italy before but this time was very special with the help of Carmen and YourOwnItaly. I'm a devoted gardener and I asked Carmen to arrange tours of three sites in Italy: Hadrian's Villa, Villa d'Este and the Vatican Gardens. All three were absolutely perfect but the tour of the Vatican Gardens was extra special because we were apart from the bus tour and on a very personalized walk-around the Vatican's backyard. A memory never to be forgotten. Thank you, Carmen!! Oct 3, 2017

Alex B.

Washington, DC

giorno magnifico in firenze! Grazie to Lisa! for the walking tour. She was very knowledgeable of the history of Florence . Grazie to Marco! He was able to get us to all the highlights and he was very much able to teach us to appreciate the art we were viewing. His perspective of all that we seen taught me to appreciate the gift of each piece. The whole experience makes me want to return so I can enjoy more of what Florence has to offer.��two thumbs up! Oct 5, 2017

Donna P

Ripon, CA