Martino Area Lucca Ancient Walls
May 3, 2017

Like Being on Top of the World: Walking Atop Lucca’s Ancient Walls

There's a special cycling tour in Tuscany offering one-of-a kind views of countryside and putting...

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Hadrians Villa
April 10, 2017

Under Your Feet in Rome: Centuries of Ancient Roman Life

In Rome, it's easy to find something marvelous to admire when you lose your way. Traipse down some...

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Via degli Astalli
September 27, 2016

Rome’s Rare Pocket Park

A friend of mine who is a fellow longtime Rome resident recently started to excitedly recount a new...

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June 22, 2016

Sandal maker - Made in Italy!

Ok...these sandals were definitely "MADE IN ITALY!" Antonio Viva has been at it since 1958 at his...

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Your Own Italy Blog
May 18, 2016

Fake Fish and Any Excuse for Burrata

Judy Witts Francini put up a photo on Instagram yesterday of a dish called ‘pesce finto’, meaning ‘...

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Villa Rufolo – a jewel on the Amalfi Coast
April 29, 2016

Villa Rufolo – a jewel on the Amalfi Coast

On a recent trip to the Amalfi Coast I discovered the jewel of Villa Rufolo in the town of Ravello...

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April 10, 2016

Venice Ghetto

Venice's Ghetto marks 500 years of fascinating, culturally rich history Perhaps because you often...

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