We had an amazing experience on our recent trip to Italy booked entirely through Your Own Italy! Carmen was so easy to work with and anticipated our needs and wishes. Our accommodations, located in the perfect location in each city, exceeded our expectations. Loved our guide in Florence, loved our villa in Chianti, loved it all!! Can't wait to go back - and wouldn't do it without Your Own Italy. A true partner.

Janet Petrillo

Is there something higher than 5? Carmen was our trip planner. She was nothing short of amazing! I had my wedding in Italy and had several guests planning trips in and around Italy. Carmen was able to keep track of all my guests and their trips with ease at the same time she was coordinating our 2 week stent without a single glitch. We love packing our trips with activities and usually get in trouble booking things too close to each other or too much time between activities and become bored, not with Carmen everything was so evenly spaced out to make it from one place to the other without feeling either rushed or bored. I had 40 guests at our wedding and over half of them used Carmen foe their trip planning. Before and after our wedding, our guests raved about Carmen! We loved hearing how she was able to make the impossible possible or how she was able to track down lost cell phones on trains or lost passports left in hotel rooms, or fix things in a moments notice. I dont know how she did it. Simply phenomenal! I was so impressed with her response time, her professionalism and most of all for her incredible sense of organization. She is not just an amazing trip planner who made my and my husband's trip so special but also an amazing person to top it all. We loved talking to her and always felt like she had our backs everywhere we went. We felt like her family or best friends even though we had never met. Every hotel, train ride, every restaurant we went to was so over the top beautiful with the nicest service and people that knew Carmen personally. We felt like we were traveling with a best friend that knew everyone and was introducing us to Italy one place/person at a time. We loved taking her suggestions and developed a sense of trust with her knowing that if we just listened to what she said, we knew it would be great. We had the time of our lives and without her I could not have imagined trying to plan my entire trip so perfectly. International travel can be daunting especially for novice travelers. She made us feel like Italian pros. We had a 2 week long trip in Italy, and had the time of our lives. We would have not enjoyed our time near as much without her. If you are going to Italy, Carmen is just as essential to your trip as the euro. Even if you are an experienced traveler you should let her plan for you. You may see Italy a whole new way. Our memories could have been great but because of her they were incredible. Sounds cliche but the only way I can describe it is TRIP OF A LIFETIME! Will never go to Italy without her again. Carmen you are worth your weight in gold! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are forever indebted to you. We look forward to our next trip to Italy!

Joe Simmons

Carmen was invaluable in helping plan our honeymoon to Italy across Florence, the Tuscan countryside, and Rome. The Uffizi tour in Florence and Vatican evening museum tour in Rome were amazing experiences. The friendly and knowledgeable guides she selected helped us get the most out of our visit in navigating and learning about such rich and dense environments. Most importantly, Carmen's help and feedback was based on our specific needs and goals which in our case varied depending on place and time, a huge advantage over other "one-size-fits-all" sources. She helped us find a perfect balance and variety from day-to-day while still maximizing our sight-seeing goals, and even helped with advice on different neighborhoods/towns and booking accommodations. Overall, I highly recommend reaching out to Carmen and taking advantage of her services for personalized assistance to help maximize whatever kind of trip you are planning.

Jeffrey Lian

So we met Carmen at the Santa Clara Travel Show in 2017. We went ahead and booked a few tours with her. AMAZING!!! The guides that she booked for us were so knowledgeable and fun. She planned everything down to the last detail. She even met us at our hotel in Rome to walk us to where we were to meet our private bus driver. I have been to Italy 7 times and was so impressed that she she could still bring tears to my eyes with another amazing experience!! On behalf of the Taylor and Lee Family we will book and future trips with Carmen. She makes you realize why you love Italy �. It truly is the people that make the trip!! �Carmen!!

Kathi Taylor

Just returned from an incredible family trip to Italy with wife, children aged 22 and 19. Each of us had different expectations, different wishes of things to see and do. Carmen put it all together without a single glitch. From checking out flats, sorting out hotels, dinner reservations, tours, etc. Constant communication throughout the trip to ensure satisfaction, flexibility and adaptability along the way. Could not possibly be happier. Stress free travel. Can't wait to return! Highly, highly recommended!'

Denis Zayia

Chicago, IL.

Just returned from an incredible family trip to Italy with wife, children aged 22 and 19. Each of us had different expectations, different wishes of things to see and do. Carmen put it all together without a single glitch. From checking out flats, sorting out hotels, dinner reservations, tours, etc. Constant communication throughout the trip to ensure satisfaction, flexibility and adaptability along the way. Could not possibly be happier. Stress free travel. Can't wait to return! Highly, highly recommended!'

Denis Z

Chicago USA

Can’t say enough about Your Own Italy! On short notice, they created an outstanding personalized tour of Rome, Florence and Venice with custom-made stop overs in Tuscany, Assisi, and Padua. As a return traveler to Italy, Your Own Italy tailored our trip with great tour guides to take us on specialized tours focused on our preferences. Your Own Italy planned and executed a tremendous vacation experience for our family of eight with beautiful apartments and taking care of every minute detail from the moment we arrived.

From a personalized tour of St. Peter’s (where we saw the Pope speak) and the catacombs in Rome, to an enjoyable tour of Tuscany wine country and seeing the finest art in Florence, to riding on the romantic gondolas in Venice and seeing the islands of Murano and Burano, we did it all in one week! This impossible task was only made possible by the detailed planning and expertise of the Your Own Italy team with excellent chauffeurs and tour guides who created a wonderful experience where everyone had a great time.

The fantastic lunch and dinner plans including dinner with Carmen provided the perfect touch all for a reasonable price compared to other package tour offerings. They get our highest recommendation to make your dream vacation come true!

Josè and Soledad D.

We had never been to Europe – and I was a bit anxious. Would we be able to communicate? Would we be able to find what we were looking for? Working with Your Own Italy on our Rome vacation solved all those issues. We had a private vacation – just the 2 of us. But we had English speaking drivers or and tour guides taking care of us. It not only eliminated my anxiety; it made everything we did easier and more wonderful at the same time. It really was our own Italy. I cannot say enough how much Carmen did to make it all happen. From planning to follow through, she was amazing. We spoke with her a few times while we were there – and had dinner with her our last night in Rome. I’ll finish by saying that it is not just a marketing line that with Your Own Italy, you have a friend in Rome. We will definitely go back to Italy. And I wouldn’t plan the trip with anyone but Your Own Italy.

Diane B.

My husband and I honeymooned on a big cruise ship in the Mediterranean and it stopped in the port in Naples. My whole life, I had wanted to go to Capri. It always sounded like the most romantic thing on earth. My husband booked us Your Own Italy’s Capri Shore Excursion. It was just the two of us, with a private boat and English-speaking captain and guide. First thing? We swam in the grottoes off Capri. We had a drink on the boat in a lover’s cove. We were driven up that narrow road you see in movies, shopped for sandals, had lunch…I was right. It was the romantic thing on the planet. I was so happy.

Allison R.

One of the most important thing in my life now is painting. Seeing other painters…examining their work…well, it is a necessity and a luxury. This year, I was in the wonderful position of being able to go to Italy. Really, all I wanted from the trip s were the museums in Florence. Well, since food is the second most important thing in my life and Florence is in Tuscany, I also wanted food. When I found a friend who would join me, I also found Carmen Carbonell and Your Own Italy. Carmen really listened to me and custom designed the trip of my dreams. We were guided the whole way, which gave us a really sense of safety and care. We had a couple of experts who could tell us about the Uffizi and the amazing galleries. And the food? It certainly felt like our own Italy. We certainly consumed enough of it!

Elizabeth A.

My wife and I are experienced travelers. Now, maybe for the first time, I’m a truly satisfied travelers. I knew how happy it would make my wife to have a truly romantic vacation. I figured Venice. Our trip was planned, executed, guided, and made nearly perfect by Your Own Italy. From being picked up at the train station to staying in hotels that were well vetted and well worth it…to gondola tours and restaurant recommendations that fulfilled the romantic quotient easily…with the added benefit of our own private English speaking drivers and guides. My wife was ecstatic. My recommendation: Your Own Italy.

Thomas H.

It is really true: if you have just one day to spend in Florence, you should take Your Own Italy’s Florence in a Day Shore Excursion. Our ship was stopping in Livorno–for a precious 24 hours and I wanted us to see as much of Florence as we could in the limited time. The day with Your Own Italy was absolutely perfect. From the drive through Tuscany to the amazing Uffizi tour, we were taken care of by our guide and driver…we saw more than I could have imagined…all I can say is that it was perfect. I really recommend it to anyone who has a day to see Florence.

Faye K.

Six of us were travelling together on the cruise. None of us spoke Italian. So we were thrilled to find Shore Excursions that guaranteed English-speaking drivers and guides. But frankly, Your Own Italy gave us so much more than that, it’s hard to describe. We had a marvelous Mercedes van. The guide was very knowledgeable. The Basilicas of Rome excursion satisfied every single one of us, which is very rare with our group, believe me. We were so pleased, we booked another Your Own Italy Shore Excursion in our next port in Venice. I really want to thank the people at Your Own Italy for making Italy so great for us.

Janet R. and her friends