Your Own Italy Private Tours

If you’re going to be in Rome, Florence, or Venice and find yourself with some free time, take a Your Own Italy walking tour and make the most of your stay! Our tours cover a wide range of interests, last 3-4 hours, including skip-the-line tickets and are led by English-speaking private guides, experts in their fields and regions. And should you not be tempted by anything on the list below, tell us what you would like to see! We’ll develop a custom tour to fit your exact specifications in no time at all.

Rome Port

Night view exterior walls of the Colosseum in Rome

Discover the Eternal City

Rome in a Day for First Timers

Is it possible to see much of Rome in a day? It is with Your Own Italy and our experienced local tour professionals! Beginning with the most important landmarks of the ancient Forum, your local guide will explain the origins of ancient Rome, the Republic, and the glory days of the Empire...

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Walk with lush greenery at Villa d'Este in Tivoli

A Tale of Two Villas

The Roman Countryside Tour

The tumult of Rome has been something Romans love to leave behind for almost as long as there has been a Rome. This day long guided trip to Tivoli, a historic town lying east of Rome, will introduce you to the Roman countryside. This area that has been favored since the 2nd century as a summer...

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Bird's eye view of St. Peter's Square in the Vatican

The Heart of Christendom

Basilicas of Rome

Nowhere is the intersection of western history, religion, art, and architecture as palpable as in the basilicas of Rome, the four churches in which a high altar has been set aside for use by the Pope. The oldest and most important of these is the Basilica of St. John Lateran, which is also the...

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View of walls and vaulted archways of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome

Discover the art and architecture of the Baroque

Baroque Rome and The Vatican

This tour will take you to all the must-see sights of Rome from the Baroque period. The Baroque period was a time when, thanks to political consolidation, wealth from the New World and pressure from the Protestant north, western art and architecture was dominated by the city of the Popes. You will...

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Detail of cobblestone road along the Appian Way in Rome

Live a Day as an Ancient Roman

Walk With the Ancient Romans

Your Own Italy’s shore excursion of ancient Rome is ideal for families and those looking for an in-depth and entertaining way to explore the life and times of the ancients. The tour begins at the Forum: the center of the capital of the western world. You will learn about the society, beliefs,...

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