Your Own Italy Private Tours

If you’re going to be in Rome, Florence, or Venice and find yourself with some free time, take a Your Own Italy walking tour and make the most of your stay! Our tours cover a wide range of interests, last 3-4 hours, including skip-the-line tickets and are led by English-speaking private guides, experts in their fields and regions. And should you not be tempted by anything on the list below, tell us what you would like to see! We’ll develop a custom tour to fit your exact specifications in no time at all.

History Tours

Statues of Perseus and Lion at the Piazza della Signoria in Florence

The glory of the Medici family began in the first half of the fifteenth century under the leadership of Cosimo de' Medici. Despite being expelled from the city twice, the family returned each time more determined than before to leave legacies of their absolute power in the form of the visual image. The tour begins at the San Marco Monastery and Museum, housing the world's largest collection of the works of Fra Angelico, an early Renaissance painter whose talent Vasari described as "rare and...

Boboli Gardens in Florence

Embark on a regal journey through the grandeur of Renaissance Florence with Your Own Italy’s exclusive tour of the Pitti Palace and its majestic Boboli Gardens. This personalized experience offers a deep dive into the opulence of the Medici family’s former residence, an enduring symbol of the wealth and power of Florence’s ruling dynasty. The tour seamlessly blends art, history, and nature, providing an unparalleled exploration of one of Florence’s most significant cultural treasures...