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Tour of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore


A Masterpiece of Renaissance Art

Discover one of Milan’s hidden gems with Your Own Italy’s “Tour of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore,” often referred to as the ‘Sistine Chapel of the North.’ This exclusive experience offers an intimate exploration of a Renaissance masterpiece, renowned for its stunning frescoes that cover every inch of the interior. Built in the 16th century as part of Milan’s most significant convent, San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore now serves as a testament to the city’s rich artistic and religious heritage. Led by an expert guide, delve into the history, art, and architecture of this remarkable church, uncovering the stories and symbolism behind its beautiful frescoes.

A Masterpiece of Renaissance Art

Stunning Frescoes: As you step inside San Maurizio, prepare to be enveloped by the beauty of its frescoes, created by Bernardino Luini and his contemporaries, who were followers of Leonardo da Vinci. The frescoes depict scenes from the Old and New Testaments, the lives of the saints, and the history of the convent, showcasing the artists’ skillful use of color, perspective, and emotion.

Divided Architecture: Explore the unique architectural layout of San Maurizio, which is divided into two parts: the church for the worshippers and the hall for the nuns, separated by a wall but connected through small windows. This design reflects the convent’s dual function as a place of worship and seclusion.

Hidden Stories and Symbols: Your guide will reveal the hidden stories and symbols within the frescoes, providing insight into the religious and cultural context of the Renaissance period. Discover the patronage of noble families, the spiritual messages conveyed through art, and the daily lives of the nuns who once called the convent home.

The Archaeological Museum: Depending on the tour’s scope, you may also have the opportunity to visit the adjacent Archaeological Museum, housed within the same complex. The museum offers a fascinating journey through Milan’s ancient history, from its Roman foundations to the early Christian and medieval periods.

Your Own Italy: Uncovering Milan’s Artistic Soul

Your Own Italy’s “Tour of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore” offers an unforgettable journey into one of Milan’s most precious artistic treasures. This experience is designed for those who seek to discover the depth of Milan’s cultural heritage, beyond the well-trodden path of its more famous landmarks.

Ready to Explore the ‘Sistine Chapel of the North’?

Are you prepared to delve into the artistic and spiritual beauty of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore? Contact Your Own Italy to customize your exploration of Milan’s Renaissance masterpiece, and prepare for an enriching journey through history and art.

What's Included

Ready to embark on a fascinating journey through Milan’s rich cultural and historical tapestry, starting with the Church of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore. This 16th-century church, often referred to as the ‘Sistine Chapel of Milan,’ offers an incredible glimpse into Renaissance art through its extensive frescoes by Bernardino Luini, a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci.

Personal Guide Introduction: Your exploration begins with your guide meeting you right outside your accommodations, ready to share the rich history and art of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore.

Discover Remarkable Frescoes: Inside, you’ll be enveloped by the beauty of Luini’s frescoes, which adorn the walls and ceilings of the church. These artworks depict various religious scenes with exquisite detail and emotion, showcasing the masterful techniques of the Renaissance period.

Explore Milan’s Oldest Pipe Organ: The church is also home to Milan’s oldest pipe organ, adding to the historical significance of your visit. The sounds of this instrument have filled the air for centuries, creating an auditory connection to the past.

Visit the Archaeological Museum of Milan: Housed within the same complex, the Museo Archeologico di Milano offers a journey through time, with artifacts from ancient civilizations like the Etruscans, Greeks, and Romans. This museum provides a unique opportunity to understand the broader historical context of the region and its influences.

This visit promises not just an artistic journey through the frescoes of Bernardino Luini but also a historical exploration within the walls of one of Milan’s most significant religious and cultural sites. Enjoy this immersive experience that connects you to the heart of Milan’s artistic and historical heritage.


Tips for Your Tour

Engage with the Art: Take your time to observe the details in each fresco. Your guide can offer insights into the stories and symbols depicted, enriching your experience.

Appreciate the Silence: While exploring the church, embrace the tranquility. It’s a place of worship and reflection, offering a moment of peace in the bustling city.

Explore the Museum Thoroughly: The Archaeological Museum offers a diverse collection. From ancient pottery to intricate jewelry, each artifact tells a part of the story of early civilizations in Italy.


Is there a dress code I should know about?
There is a dress code for churches and basilicas. Shoulders and knees must be covered; shorts, miniskirts, and sleeveless shirts are not permitted. It is also recommended that you not take large bags or backpacks on tours that include churches as you may not be permitted to enter and storage accommodations are not usually available.
What if there is bad weather?
Our tours operate rain or shine!
Is tipping customary in Italy?
Tipping is indeed customary in Italy ! It is considered a kind gesture and proper etiquette to leave “a little something extra” depending on the level of service you receive. For a private guide it is suggested to leave 15 – 25 euros for a typical 3-hour tour.
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Not all walking tours are fully accessible for wheelchair users or those with walking disabilities. However, if anyone in your group requires special accommodation, please let us know when completing the booking and we will work out suitable alternative routes.
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Yes, we will do our best to adjust any tour to accommodate special requests.
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