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If you’re going to be in Rome, Florence, or Venice and find yourself with some free time, take a Your Own Italy walking tour and make the most of your stay! Our tours cover a wide range of interests, last 3-4 hours, including skip-the-line tickets and are led by English-speaking private guides, experts in their fields and regions. And should you not be tempted by anything on the list below, tell us what you would like to see! We’ll develop a custom tour to fit your exact specifications in no time at all.

Food and Wine

Italian bruschetta and pasta dish served on outdoor table

You’ll meet your private chef at the local open-air market and enjoy shopping for, and tasting as you go along, the various ingredients for your agreed upon Italian recipe. After ingredients have been chosen and purchased, you’ll enjoy preparing the meal in a cozy kitchen in a quintessential neighborhood of the Eternal City. You’ll learn about the origin of the various ingredients of your meal, if they are seasonal and how they have become part of the Italian food culture. Your chef will top...

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Display of fruits at an open-air market in Rome

Your guide will pick you up at your hotel to enjoy Rome's lovely morning atmosphere. The Campo dei Fiori was once a field of flowers but was paved in 1456 by papal order and became a site of public executions, including that of Giordano Bruno, the Italian philosopher burnt at the stake for heresy in 1600. Today it is a lively morning market and evening gathering place. Towards the river is the former Jewish ghetto with the breathtaking ruins of Octavia’s Porticus, a monumental marble...

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